A-RING R&I Alpine Region Talk

Meeting topic: 

Promoting transnational cooperation, shared principles and networking for Research & Innovation in the Alpine Region, the Interreg Alpine Space project A-RING, is of strategic importance for EUSALP Action Group 1. 


One of the main findings of the first work package of the Interreg Alpine Space Project A-RING, was to outline the topics of strategic interest for Research & Innovation in the Alpine Region. The resulting topics -Digitalisation, Mobility and Sustainability- will be the heart of the R&I Alpine Region Talk, an international conference where young professionals will take the floor to present the business and research perspectives on R&I processes. The young speakers are going to focus on the following aspects of the strategic topics:


  • Smart Mobility – Connecting the Alpine Region
  • Green Energies – Solutions for sustainable communities;
  • Industry 4.0 – Smarter processes for quality production.

The aim of the conference is to gather a fresh perspective on the ways research and private sector’s young professionals are tackling crucial issues related to the sustainable development of the Alpine Space and how the interaction between businesses, research centres and public administrations is carried out, highlighting possible obstacles and solutions.

Registrations are open


The conference will take place in the beautiful setting of the Sala Napoleonica of Greppi Palace in Milan on the 23rd of November from 10:00 to 13:00. It will be a hybrid event, live streaming will be available.

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