Action group 2 video meeting

Meeting topic: 

Action Group 2 meeting, and meetings of the subgroups on tourism, on bioeconomy, on wood and on industry 4.0


The general meeting will start at 9.00 and finish around noon. The afternoon meetings will be devoted to the subgroups meetings (from 2pm to 5pm) on wood, bioeconomy, health tourism and industry 4.0


9 h 00 – 12 h 00 Morning Session

1. Information on the updated priorities of the French Presidency;

2. General context : actions to be launched in the context of the post COVID-19 crisis;

3. Methodology : proposals of decentralized actions (role of subgroups); 

4. Round table on sub-groups actions : health tourism, bioeconomy, digital industry, wood;

5. Financing modalities : the European ECT programs;

6. A example for action : Alpine Space Programme;

7. The context of the 2021-2027 European programmes;

8. Governance issues : Information on AlpGov II;


12 h 00 – 13 h 30 Lunch break


13 h 30 – 17 h 00 Afternoon Session with subgroups

9. Information on the ongoing hydrogen initiative

Video meeting