AG4 - 21st meeting

Meeting topic: 

Date        Tuesday, October 4th, 13.30 to Wednesday, October 5th 2022 12.30

12.30    Arrival of participants & light lunch

13.30    Start of the 21st Action Group 4 meeting 


1 – AG4 State of play
Presentation by AGL
-    Approval of the Agenda
-    Feedback on past events & upcoming events
-    Methodology for a systematic assessment of individual projects
-    Declaration on rail transport in the Alpine Region: Communication strategy & next steps

2 – EU affairs update
Presentation by AGL 

3 – EUSALP update 
Presentation by AGL 
-    AlpGov 2 follow-up project
-    Introduction Technical Support Structure (TSS)

4 – Update on Interreg Alpine Space Programme
Presentation by Jana Habjan (Interreg Alpine Space)

Coffee break 

5 – AG4 Work Plan 2023-25
Presentation by AGL & discussion with all participants

6 –  Update on iMONITRAF!
Presentation by Helen Lückge (Climonomics)

7 – Update on the Alpine Convention
Presentation by Nathalie Morelle (PSAC)
18.00 End of Day 1

21.00 Joint dinner in Marseille

09.00    Start of Day 2 

8 – Session on energy efficiency & transport in the Alpine Region

8.1 –  Overview of energy consumption in the transport sector
Presentation by AG4 and AG9 co-leaders
8.2 – Presentations by external experts 

Industry perspective on energy efficiency in transport
Carla Detrieux (Vota Trucks)

New cooperation formats for the roll-out of electric mobility solutions
Cristina Cavicchioli (RSE, e-SMART project)

Coffee break 

8.3 – Interactive workshop 
1st session: Developing a map of innovative energy efficiency solutions for the transport sector in the Alps
2nd session: Which stakeholders are needed to implement these solutions?
8.4 – Wrap-up and next steps 
How to move ahead? Wrap-up and the role of AG4

9 – Any other business

12.30 End of Meeting
12.30 – 17.00 Lunch, followed by technical visit of Port of Marseille

Région Sud – Bâtiment Provence, 81 Boulevard de Dunkerque, 13000 Marseille, 1st floor