Closing seminar of the Enerb'Alpes project

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Closing seminar ENERB'ALPES-Renewable Energy Buildings in the Alps

Within the framework of the ENERB'ALPES project, which aims at promoting renewable energies and efficient buildings in the Alpine region, the INES Formation & Evaluation had the following missions:

  • train operational audiences in mountain areas (boiler room operators and shelter wardens),
  • monitor and characterize the actual performance of solar installations and buildings,
  • disseminate and communicate in order to support the sectors concerned by ensuring a collective increase in skills and strengthening relations between the territories of the Alpine massif.

This project started in 2016 and ends in April 2020.

INES and the project partners are pleased to invite you to the closing seminar of the ENERB'ALPES project.

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Photo credits: INES.


Introduction and overview of Alpine policies
Presentation of the Enerb'alpes program
Efficient buildings in mountain areas - what is the reality?
Solar thermal energy in the mountains and its applications
Photovoltaic solar energy in the mountains - figures on production returns
Photovoltaic solar energy in the mountains - the specific case of isolated sites


AURA2E – Etienne Viénot
Convention Alpine – Nathalie Morelle
INES - Mathieu Chatagnon
INES - Guillaume Pradier
CYTHELIA Bureau d’Etudes – Ismaël Lokhat
INES - Franck Barruel

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