Green transition of companies - Policy table

Meeting topic: 

“TOWARD THE GREEN TRANSITION - An ecosystem ready to boost the business resilience”

Online policy table - March 24 - Veneto Region / Veneto Innovazione

Green Transition was the aim of the fourth policy table of the BE-READI ALPS project to discuss the status quo, remaining challenges and barriers, and ideas for future improvements in the path of engaging the Alpine region's SME ecosystem into green transition. The discussion focused on two broad issues, a general overview on how to facilitate the green transition for businesses in the Alpine region, and a discussion specifically addressing the question of how to improve cross-border cooperation among relevant innovation actors. The participants on the panels represented the business perspective, research, clusters, but also policy levels.

Among the most urgent issues to better support businesses on green transition, the experts emphasized the role of a more harmonized legislative approach and the need for best practices as a means to effectively communicate about opportunities and solutions. From a practical perspective, companies are often also needing simple support to take relevant first steps towards greener approaches. As another challenge, the panellists have identified the difficulty to deploy scientific knowledge among SMEs. The discussion has also touched upon the issue of greenwashing, with some panellists seeing greenwashing critically, while others emphasizing the fact that greenwashing can be an entry point towards real action.

With respect to improved cross-regional cooperation, good practice has been shared from recent experience with the Innovation Express 2021, which was a successful attempt at establishing cross-regional synchronized calls for RDI projects. It was highlighted that improved cooperation is not only necessary within, but also between macro-regions and that there remains an unexploited potential to learn from each other. In addition, managing authorities of mainstream programs should be involved much more in cross-regional RDI cooperation. The policy table also provided very concrete ideas to further push cross-regional action on green transition for SME, including a permanent table with political EUSALP representatives on green transition and trainings on cooperation mechanisms and capacity building.

Download here the presentations and the videos of the event, together with the output paper, a document summing up all the speeches and panel debates.





Photo credit: Hugues-Marie Duclos - ANCT