Liguria, Eusalp, Europe: perspectives of mobility to 2050

Meeting topic: 

Liguria Region will organize on 13 October 2022 the event entitled: “Liguria, Eusalp, Europe: perspectives of mobility to 2050” (in hybrid mode with simultaneous translation on Zoom).

The event aims to be part of the calendar of events of the annual Presidency of the Alpine Macro-regional Strategy EUSALP assumed by the Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano and wants to put at the center of the debate the evolution of sustainable mobility in the EUSALP area, but not only that, to the horizon of 2050, date in which, for objective communitarian, is previewed the full decarbonisation of Europe (Law on the Climate, package Fit455). The cut of the event will be only partially infrastructural, remaining to the center of the debate is the vision of a mobility of the future for goods and passengers on the horizon indicated, both the impact of the instruments grounded to achieve it on the path of environmental, energy and economic sustainability.

The introductory session includes institutional greetings (Liguria Region as organizer, Italian Presidency EUSALP, MAECI that governs the relations EUSALP to national level, Southern Région in quality of co-leader of the AG4 Mobility of EUSALP).

A session entitled "Strategies and Tools" will follow: the relevant DGs of the Commission will be able to provide an overview of the European Union’s policy on this issue, and MIMS and MITE will be able to decline the programmed actions implemented and evolving in the field of PNRR. As an example of tools for a technological and sustainable logistics, the LINKS Foundation will describe the connector developed within the FENIX project, funded by the CEF 2014-2020 program, still in progress; the project is among other partners the GECT Reno-Alpi and Regione Liguria has been implementing body under the aegis of the EGTC itself. 

Finally, there will be a pair of round table; in particular, it will be an opportunity to ask the panelists the topic "what should be and what will be the mobility in 2050 in the areas of interest?" both on innovation and green approach side;  we expects to receive differentiated and complementary responses due to the different areas of competence of each rapporteur.

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09:45 Registration

10:00 - 10:40 - Welcome and introduction

Region Liguria - Greetings by Councilor for Economic Development; Energy, Ports and Logistic
and by Councilor for Transports

Eusalp Italian Chairmanship - Autonomous Provinces of Trento and Bolzano - Councilor for Education, University and Culture Mirko Bisesti (Autonomous Provinces of Trento)

Italian Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Ministry - National Eusalp Coordinator -
Advisor Renato Quartarone

Région Sud de la France (PACA) / AG4 Eusalp - Xavier Garcia

10:40 - 11:00 - Coffee break

Strategies and tools session “The green and smart turning point in mobility and transport”

11:00 - European Commission (DG MOVE) - Alice Polo: “The European policies”

11:20 - MIMS (Sustainable Mobilities Department) - Mauro Bonaretti: “Sustainable mobility policies in transports and logistic”

11:40 - MITE (Fuels and Sustainable Mobilities Division) - Guido Di Napoli: “Sustainable energy transition in the mobility sector”

12:00 - Linksfoundation, Fenix Project - Tiziana Delmastro: “Intermodality in the logistic sector: presentation and perspectives of the Fenix Project”

12:20 - Q&A

13:00 - 14:30 - Lunch Break

14:30 - 15:30 - Roundtable 1 “Mobility in 2050: how will we move?”

contributions by:
Gect Rhine-Alps – Udval Hatanbataar, Italian Railway Network (RFI) – Nicoletta Antonias, AMT (MAAS) - Fabio Gregorio, Start 4.0 - Paola Girdinio

15:30 - 16:20 - Roundtable 2 “Eusalp region: which perspectives for mobility?”

contributions by:
Eusalp Youth Council - Maxime Bernard, Action Group 4 (Mobility) - Patrick Skoniezki, Action Group 9 (Energy) - Etienne Vienot

16:20 - 16:30 - Final Remarks - Andrea Burzacchini -aiforia GmbH, with Iacopo Avegno - Regione Liguria and Gabriella Rolandelli, Regione Liguria

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Auditorium Hall of the Liguria Region headquarters, Piazza De Ferrari, 1 Genova