Project SMARTLOGI Final Conference – 26 April 2021

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Project SMARTLOGI final conference

After more than three years of intensive activities, the project SMARTLOGI - Sustainable and Intelligent Cross-Border Logistics is drawing to a close. SMARTLOGI aims to enhance operational and institutional cooperation on sustainable multimodal freight transport options, addressing administrative and technological issues that currently hinder modal shift and reducing impacts in terms of pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and noise.

A cross-border action plan, assessed through feasibility studies and tested by joint pilot actions, has led to the development of a common strategy to enhance cross-border multimodal transport. It will be adopted both at operational level by the project partners and at institutional level by the two EGTCs of the Programme Area, in order to create a basis for long-term cross-border institutional cooperation for sustainable freight transport.

During the final project conference, which will be held online on 26th April 2021, the main results of the project will be presented. Furthermore, the final conference will also be an opportunity to discuss the perspectives of rail freight transport in the Alpine area together with some of the main stakeholders of the sector, in synergy with the COMODALCE project "Enhancing COordination on multiMODAL freight transport in CE", co-funded by the Interreg Central Europe Programme.

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