Workshop »Networking for Ecological Connectivity and Green Infrastructure«

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Tuesday, 19 September, 2017 - 09:00 to 18:00

Koper, Slovenia Škocjanski zatok Nature Reserve (TBC)



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According to the mission statement of EUSALP AG 7 one of the main objectives is to trigger tangible implementation initiatives and liaise with implementation partners from relevant sectors to make Green Infrastructure visible and close gaps in the trans-European “matrix for life”. (See also

The event aims at focusing on the theme of ecological connectivity and identification of ideas and potential partnerships for implementation of different initiatives (possibly in the next program period). Workshop will be an opportunity for dialogue between different organisations interested in implementation of projects on ecological connectivity, focusing on the east part of the Alpine Region but with open possibilities for the wider EUSALP implementation.

Points from discussion and conclusions will be gathered and will feed-in guidelines prepared to be used throughout the Alpine Region.


Deepening the understanding of the ecological connectivity and green infrastructure concepts, past and current projects/activities/partnerships and needs for action. Discussion and identification of challenges on

  • Multi-functionality and connectivity of green infrastructure
  • Relation between ecological connectivity and ecosystem services
  • Embedding ecological connectivity in spatial and cross sectoral planning
  • Key stakeholders for implementing an ecological connectivity project and how existing projects and partnerships can be capitalised on


Target audience

Relevant stakeholders from EUSALP, mainly from its eastern part, and EUSAIR – Slovenia, Italy, Austria and Croatia. Government organisations, expert and research institutions, development agencies and other members of the EUSALP team



Implementation of EU Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP) was launched in 2016 and concrete implementation steps are on their way, including activities within the project AlpGov - “Implementing Alpine Governance Mechanisms of the European Strategy for the Alpine Region”. Initiating strategic initiatives is one of the main challenges for reaching concrete implementation of EUSALP goals. Therefore, a networking event will be organised by EUSALP AG7 (ecological connectivity) to enter into a dialogue with strategic implementation partners, according to EUSALP working plan and AlpGov project.

Workshop will be one of several dialogue events planned within the AlpGov project, that aims at addressing in a strategic way relevant target groups and stakeholders and involve them in developing concrete activities and strategic initiatives for implementation of EUSALP AG7 goals.

One of the biggest challenges, also in the eastern part of the Alpine Region and in connections to Adriatic-Ionian region, is assuring cooperation of different actors for implementation of cross border and transnational ecological connectivity. Working towards common concepts and visions of ecological connectivity is a process of building mutual understanding and harmonisation of implementation methods among different stakeholders. Another challenge, aligned to the goals of EUSALP action plan, is reaching out of the region, towards other mountain regions (e.g. Dinaric Alps). Cooperation with other initiatives and macro-regional strategies (EUSAIR, EUSDR) offers opportunities for that.





Event will be in English.