14-15 May "Learning and networking for sustainable development in the Alps"

9th May 2019

In the framework of the Interreg Alpine Space Project "YOUrALPS” , Morbegno (Italy) will host the two days conference: “Learning and networking for sustainable development in the Alps”.
The event will present the  Alpine School Model and the OurAlps international network and their development.

The Alpine School Model (ASM)  addresses the following issues relating to sustainable development in the Alpine region :

  • the cultural and ethical-social values that are mobilized in sustainability processes,
  • the need for local context and training based on priority themes for sustainability,
  • skills, knowledge, attitudes for individuals to build sustainable Alpine communities,
  • the most effective teaching and educational methods in the acquisition of these skills,
  • the necessary and concrete tools to incite change within individuals and communities in favour of sustainability.

The Alpine School Model supports schools and organizations involved in non-formal educational methods to create dialogue and collaboration between each other. 

OurAlps, international network of mountain-oriented education in the Alps connects professionals working in the field of education with the goal of developing and promoting mountain-oriented education in Alpine areas. In this context, stakeholders can exchange ideas, approaches, visions, resources and tools with whom professionals can develop joint projects at an international level.

Furthermore, OurAlps’purpose is to raise awareness among different target audiences about the Alps, including its cultural and natural heritage and issues. The international network is also aimed directly at young people to facilitate their involvement in projects and raise their awareness of their environment.

Participation is free of charge but registration is mandatory.

The registration form is available here

Discover more: https://www.ouralps.org/en/learning-and-networking-sustainable-development-alps

General Agenda:

May 14th

10:00-11:30    Guided tour of the city Assoc. Nevi di un tempo, Morbegno

14:00-14:30    Institutional greetings

14:35-14:45    YOUrALPS project introduction

14:45-15:30    Presentation of the Alpine School Model

15:45-16:45    Round Table on the Alpine School Model

17:00-17:10    Presentation of the network OurAlps

17:10-18:30    Round table on OurAlps network

May 15th

9:00-11:00    Interactive workshops

11:00-16:00    Excursion in Val di Mello


Practical Information:

Location: Auditorium Sant’Antonio di Morbegno - Piazza S. Antonio, 1, 23017 Morbegno (SO)

Public: The meeting is open to all Alpine stakeholders interested in mountain education in school and in leisure time, and/or motivated by networking on an international scale.

Languages: A translation in the alpine languages (DE, IT, FR, SL) will be provided on Tuesday afternoon (round tables). Wednesday's workshops will be in English, assistance can be provided.

Costs: Participation, lunch/dinner for Day1 and transportation, (excursion Day 2) included.  Fees at your own expense: travel costs, accommodation and lunch for Day 2

Main Contacts:

Veronika Widmann, Alparc: veronika.widmann@alparc.org
Isabelle Roux, Educ'alpes: isabelle.roux@educalpes.fr
Stefania Fontana, Fondazione Lombardia per l'Ambiente (FLA): stefania.fontana2@gmail.com
Marco Gianfala, Regione Lombardia: marco_gianfala@regione.lombardia.it



Morbegno (SO), Italy



Fri 10th May 2019