Cooperate- Coordinate- Concentrate at EUSALP 3rd Annual Forum

11th Dec 2019

The European Commission, together with the Italian Presidency of the EUSALP, organized the 3rd annual forum in Milan which was a crucial moment to design the next EU programmes in the Alpine area. Three key words to enhance the EUSALP challenges and priorities, with all of stakeholders, public authorities, private companies, NGOs and civil society.

Cooperate to tackle challenges

We were “Addressing territorial challenges” in the Alpine area during the dedicated workshop. Amongst the territorial disparities such as lowland, mountains, valleys, and cities in the Alps, the alpine area also suffers from multiplicity of challenges as ageing population, diversity of access to public services (health care, schools, university), and employment opportunities. The legislative Commission’s proposal strengthens the existing tools to act locally, such as the targeted calls of projects launched by the EGTC in Italy- Austria border, and simplifies the policy objectives present in all EU programmes.

Coordinate to multiply the funding opportunities

More importantly, the discussions on the future legislative framework is the opportunity to coordinate amongst the several EU programmes in the region. Not only Interreg programmes can encourage cooperation, but also regional and national operational programmes should  boost strategic projects that benefit for the all alpine area. With a better funding coordination on the ground, we ensure a greater impact.

Concentrate for a greater impact  

We share the same objective: meliorate European citizens’ life, by increasing employment opportunities, facilitating mobility and giving the chance to all to get involved in the policy making. Therefore, concentration with targeted objective is the answer for a greater impact on the ground.

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