Islands, mountains and sparsely populated areas: challenges and opportunities

6th Sep 2018

During the European Week of Regions and Cities, a workshop "ISLANDS, MOUNTAINS AND SPARSELY POPULATED AREAS: CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES" will be organized, on the 9th October, in Brussels.

The Workshop objective is to discuss the main challenges faced by islands, mountains and sparsely populated areas, in particular in the environment and energy fields, and the current and post-2020 support of the EU cohesion, environmental and energy polices to these areas, with focus on the EU Macro Regional Strategies and on the ongoing initiatives on circular economy and on clean energy for islands. The Workshop participants are invited to actively participate in the discussion providing feedbacks on the initiatives presented by the panellists and also presenting their own related initiatives with short interventions from the audience.

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Registration Deadline: 28/09/2018


Building SQUARE - Brussels Convention Centre, Room 314