Message in a Bottle: Communication across MRS

19th Sep 2018

The workshop held in Izola on September 18th, organised by Interact, has been the occasion to discuss with the other macroregional strategies the role of communication in implementing the strategic objectives of the different strategies. The workshop, aimed at developing a stable and sustainable platform for communication in the framework of future capacity building activities for all the macroregional strategies, has seen the participation of speakers by EUSAIR, EUSBSR and EUSALP.
Communication Staff presented the activities carried on in the last year and showed the future plans to improve communication activities. Starting from a joint reflexion which is being carried on together with the DG Regio, the discussion has been focused on Communication Context, Contents and Governance, emphasizing the importance of reinforcing a joint political vision about EUSALP, the target audiences, key tools and channels.
The workshop was a precious occasion to share with the other Strategies points of strength and weakness in the Communication activities and from the discussion many common issues emerged, such us the need to identify specific target audiences to make web communication through social network more effective and the importance of translating the macro-regional policies into real life stories through storytelling.

The next step in this process will be a moderated workshop for Executive Board members to formulate key policy messages and to reach a joint vision of EUSALP. The workshop will be held on 23rd and 24th October in Innsbruck. 

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Kristanov trg 1 Izola, Slovenia