18th Jan 2019

The S3-4AlpClusters Final Conference - SMART SPECIALIZATION WITH SMART CLUSTERS will take place on March 14th, in Venice. The interplay between clusters and S3 and the tools and processes developed in the project will be presented to a larger public composed of cluster managers, entrepreneurs, academics and policy makers.

Smart Specialization Strategies (S3) are a common policy lever at regional level within the EU. While the idea of transformation is at the core of the S3 process, it has only been the intense practical experience with S3-implementation in European regions in recent years that put the spotlight on transformative activities (TA) as a key concept for S3-implementation.

The Interreg VB project S3-4AlpClusters – Smart Specialisation Strategies to build an Innovation model for Alp Clusters - has been actively involved in the S3 process of its 11 participating regions. The main output of the project, the S3-Innovation Model, introduces a systematic process for the identification and development of transformative activities (TA) with clusters. It offers a set of tools for cluster initiatives and regions to explore capacities and opportunities for transformation and to develop actions to create critical mass for new value chains both within and across regions

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Palazzo Grandi Stazioni, Venice, Italy