Start-ups and Technology Transfer in Innovation Ecosystems in South-East Europe and Alpine Region (EUSALP AG1)

15th Nov 2018
Ljubljana, Slovenia

The European Commission's Joint Research Centre (DG JRC) in collaboration with Technology Park Ljubljana, Ministry of Education, Science and Sport – AG1 EUSALP, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, SI TTO consortia and Slovenian Public research institutes, is organising on 15th and 16th November 2018 a workshop on "Workshop on Start-ups and Technology Transfer in Innovation Ecosystems in South-East Europe  and Alpine Region (EUSALP AG1)" in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Purpose of the workshop and proposed content

  • To provide policy makers and innovation practitioners with knowledge and training/practical insights in setting up a successful start-up, spin-off and knowledge transfer platforms with support programmes that can strengthen regional/national innovation ecosystems.  
  • To review various models of acceleration, building a pipeline of projects, attracting industrial partners, providing business support services, involving governmental entities, which are key elements in the development of successful innovation ecosystems.  
  • To assist in the creation and evaluation of IP based knowledge as a foundation of a technology transfer activity, in Public Research Organizations and Small and Medium Enterprises alike.

The workshop will target in particular policy makers and other innovation stakeholders such as universities, research organisations, technology transfer offices, science and technology parks, chambers of commerce, business angels, venture capitalist and other relevant practitioners from South-East Europe and European Alpine macro-region.

Issues to be addressed include:

  • What is an innovation ecosystem? Elements and examples.
  • What support services are needed and how best to deliver them?
  • Why is it important to create an ecosystem supporting technology transfer, industry collaboration together with start-up creation and scale-up processes?
  • How to build a successful start-ups ecosystem?
  • How to build a successful technology transfer ecosystem?
  • How to build an adequate pipeline of projects and a deal flow?
  • Whom to involve: actors and stakeholders (quadruple helix)?
  • What is the role of IP support system in the overall deal flow setup?

The organisers

The workshop is jointly organised by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) in collaboration with Technology Park Ljubljana, the Ministry of education, science and sport – AG1 EUSALP, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, SI TTO Consortia and Slovenian public research institutes.

The Technology Park Ljubljana Ltd. is one of the largest innovation ecosystems for commercialisation of knowledge and technology in South-East Europe. It is an award-winning collaborative innovation ecosystem that is providing highly professional services. These are developed through bottom-up lean methodologies.  

The JRC promotes the exchange of innovation-related best practices, knowledge, tools and methods among innovation practitioners and policy and decision makers from South-East Europe including the Western Balkans. The JRC, and in particular its Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Unit, are in possession of operational and technical expertise in the domains of Technology and Knowledge Transfer. The JRC also hosts the Smart Specialisation Strategies (S3) platform intended to support the development, through an Entrepreneurial Discovery Process of bottom-up innovation strategies. This workshop intends to support the operationalisation of S3 strategies by making expertise and best practices available to practitioners that can initiate change and restructuring programmes on the ground.

The Ministry of education, science and sport is an active member of the EUSALP Action group 1, that within the 1st Thematic Policy Area: Economic Growth and Innovation, develops an innovation and research capacity and transfer into practice, by enhancing an effective Alpine Macro Region research and innovation ecosystem. The Ministry of foreign affairs act’s in vests of the national coordinator of all Macro Regions.

SI TTO consortia KTT is a representative body of 8 biggest Slovenian Public Research organizations (PROs), covering more than 90% of research personnel and activities in Slovenia. KTT has been established in 2017 with the main goal to coherently improve commercialization activities of member PROs and their communication, marketing, sales capacity, activities and exploitation results in relation with national economy, and also worldwide, through institutional sharing of experience, enabled flow of information within the KTT and internationally in the field of Knowledge and Technology Transfer. KTT is lead by Jožef Stefan Institute with the active support of its members the University of Ljubljana, University of Maribor, National Institute of Chemistry, National Institute of Biology, University of Primorska, Agricultural Institute and Faculty of Information Studies Novo Mesto.  


The target audience are policymakers in the innovation support, science, research and technological development domains, managing authorities and institutions directly involved in the design, operation and promotion of innovation areas and ecosystems, national and regional agencies and bodies managing investment funds for innovation, science and technology parks and incubators, technology transfer practitioners, start-ups and SMEs, practitioners from both the supply and demand sides, financial intermediaries, venture capital and corporate venture funds, start-up support organisations and associations.

Limited participation, live-streaming available.

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