The winners of Pitch Your Project 2018 need you!

10th Jun 2020

AlpTick: one ticket for all 48 EUSALP regions


Having one ticket for all public transportation in the entire Alpine region – this is the vision of the CIPRA Youth Council (CYC). In 2018, they won the “Pitch your project” competition and are currently working on implementing their idea. With a survey aimed at young people, the CYC wants to collect their mobility behaviours and their views on sustainable mobility in the Alps.


The idea of the Alpine Ticket (AlpTick) arose from the real need to make travelling habits within the Alps more sustainable in order to be able to face global challenges, especially climate change. Promoting and facilitating a way to travel sustainably is essential for the future of responsible tourism in the Alps.


AlpTick is different from existing offers. So far, no regional tickets exist for such an extensive region as the Alps. The comprehensive tickets that do exist do not include all means of public transport, which makes travelling, especially in the more remote places characteristic of the Alps, complicated and expensive. Cléa Slimani, CYC member from France says: “While we do not mind reduced comfort or longer travelling times, it is remarkable how complicated the ticket buying process is as soon as more countries are involved.»


This is where AlpTick comes into play: It makes cross-border travel easier by combining all public transport in the Alpine region in one ticket.


In 2018, the CYC participated in and won the competition "Pitch Your Project!" of the EUSALP with the idea of an Alpine Ticket Networking Meeting that aims to bring together the relevant stakeholders from the mobility sector and discuss the possibility of such a ticket.


As a step in that direction, the CYC is now conducting a survey among young people in order to collect their opinions and ideas about mobility in the Alps. If you are between 15 and 29 years old and live in the Alpine region, participate in the survey and help make the AlpTick vision a reality!


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