Executive Board


Concerning this level of governance, the representatives of States and Regions participating in the EUSALP have agreed in the Milan Declaration to put in place ‘a standing Executive Board in charge of overseeing the implementation of the EUSALP Action Plan, formed by representatives of the States and Regions’. [...]

The Executive Board will mainly be responsible for the overall horizontal and vertical coordination of the Strategy and the preparation of the General Assembly meetings. The Executive Board may invite Action Group Leaders in charge of the implementation of the actions (see next point) to certain thematic meetings. In addition the Executive Board has to collect the reports of the Action Groups and monitor implementation. To ensure coherence, the rotating chair of the Executive Board will coincide with the presidency of the General Assembly.

In Brdo, the Executive Board formally sostitute the EUSALP Steering Committee.

Specific Objectives

The responsibilities of the EB include mainly:

  1. The endorsement  of  proposals  of  actions  which need  to  be  implemented  to  secure  the  effective implementation of the EUSALP
  2. The endorsement  of  the  selection  criteria,  work  plans  and  actions  proposed  by  the Action Group Leaders (AGLs)
  3. The collection  of  the  reports  of  the Action  Groups  (AGs) and the monitoring of implementation
  4. The approval  of  all  proposals,  e.g.  on  evaluation,  monitoring  and  possible  revision  of  the EUSALP, before they are submitted to the General Assembly (GA)
Karin Augsburger
Martina Bach
Florian Ballnus
Blanka Bartol
Anaïs Bordes
Cécile Cadet
Petra Česen-Čatar
Giuliana Cristoforetti
Filippo Dadone
Marco Doglia
Fiona Faas
Nicola Favia
Luca Gobbo
Nicolas Gouvernel
Sylvain Guetaz
Guillaume Huet
Silvia Jost
Florian Mast
Laura Muraglia
Suzana Neib
Michael Roth
Flavio Ruffini
Nina Seljak
Harald Stranzl
Pauline Treissac
Stephan Waggershauser
Christian Wankmüller


Christina Bauer
Dominique Lorrette
Giacomo Luciani
Giacomo Luciani
David Matzek-Lichtenstein
Wolfger Mayrhofer
Ludovica Spanevello
Julie Thiran
Thomas Wimmer


EUSALP Energy Survey

Reliable energy data are the basis for decision-makers to define, to implement and to monitor the effectiveness of energy policies.



Political Declaration “Sustainable Land Use and Soil Protection”

Soils face specific challenges in the Alpine region, such as limited settlement areas and intensive land use in many of the valley floors, considerable pressure on sensitive ecosystems, tangible...

20 Nov 2018