National Coordinators

National Coordinators, coming either from the national or regional level, represent the position of their respective countries, while looking at the same time for convergent opinions and decisions that will facilitate the implementation of the Strategy. They should be duly empowered by their governments (at national and/or regional level, depending on competencies in each country). They play a major role coordinating and supporting the design and implementation of macro-regional strategies, and encouraging stakeholders’ involvement.

They should liaise with the administrations participating in the thematic areas covered by the Strategy in their State/Region as well as with the managing authorities responsible for the implementation of the relevant European and national/regional programmes. The experience so far in existing macro-regional strategies shows that National Coordinators usually come from Ministries of Foreign Affairs or Prime Minister Services, in order to provide the overview of the State/Region they represent. Moreover a further good practise is the sharing of the National Coordinator role with one ministry having more direct responsibility in the operational implementation of sectorial and territorial policies.

See also the Executive Board page.