Platform of knowledge

The Platform of Knowledge is a technological public platform aimed at supporting AGs leaders, members, EUSALP board, EU team and related people, to connect them and facilitate knowledge and dialogue while making different targets (policy makers, stakeholders, researchers, citizens) aware about EUSALP, its projects, results and impact. The platform contains several tools, some of which are accessible to all users, others only to EUSALP members and registered people.

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Latest News

The Re-Search Alps dataset is now...

10th Apr 2019
Since March 26th, 2019, the Re-Search Alps - Research Laboratories in the Alpine Area dataset

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Platform of Knowledge

17th Mar 2018

The Platform of Knowledge is a technological public platform which is mainly dedicated to support



June 2017 to June 2019
The project
94% Complete


June 2016 to June 2019
The AlpGovs’ main objective is to support effective and efficient EUSALP implementation in a...
96% Complete

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Tue 13th Feb 2018 - 09:00
Last February 7th during a ceremony held in Innsbruck Tyrol took over the EUSALP Presidency. “Under the Tyrolean Presidency, we will work on sustainable solutions for the Alpine region, in cooperation with our partners of the Alpine regions and according to our motto "shaping.future.together.– In...

Round Table "Smart Villages and digital connectivity"

Thu 26th Jul 2018 - 08:53
Round Table on Smart Villages and Digital Connectivity in the Alps at Forte di Bard- Valle d’Aosta on 8th June 2018

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Meeting room

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Urban sensing

Latest updates

Here’s the most recent contents published by the EUSALP Groups

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Horizon Impact Award

Funding call

19th Apr 2019

Smart Villages - A common perspective through different visions


19th Apr 2019

The Re-Search Alps dataset is now available in the European Data Portal!


18th Apr 2019

INDIA - Bando per la raccolta di progetti congiunti di ricerca e sviluppo...

Funding call

18th Apr 2019
Title Updated date

Sustainable Smart Solutions for ageing well

Funding call

18th Apr 2019

Sinergia – interdisciplinary, collaborative and breakthrough

Funding call

18th Apr 2019

Investigator initiated clinical trials (IICT)

Funding call

18th Apr 2019

For young researchers: Proof of Concept

Funding call

18th Apr 2019

Strategic funding

EU, national and regional Funding Programs of interest for EUSALP area

AG1 staff is mapping all EU, national and regional Funding Programs for R&I with a possible impact on the Alpine Region. All collected data will be available for users, together with the complete analysis and an infographic overview.

R&I Funding instruments at Regional level

January 2019