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Europe Media Monitor

Europe Media Monitor

The freely accessible Europe Media Monitor (EMM) is a fully automatic system that analyses both traditional and social media. It gathers and aggregates about 300,000 news articles per day from news portals world-wide in up to 70 languages.

EMM-NewsBrief groups related items, categorises them into thousands of classes, extracts information, produces statistics, detects breaking news and sends out alerts. NewsBrief is updated every 10 minutes, 24 hours per day. There is also a free EMM app for mobile devices.

You find more information on the Europe Media Monitor family of applications in the EMM-Newsletter (2016), as well as in the articles Observing Trends in Automated Multilingual Media Analysis (2015) and An Introduction to the Europe Media Monitor family of applications (2009). There is also a list of over 200 international scientific peer-reviewed publications on research by the EMM team.
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The project

In the “Implementing Alpine Governance Mechanisms of the European Strategy for the Alpine Region – AlpGov”, the Urban Sensing framework has been identified and used to gather social media data surrounding topics linked to the Alpine macro-region and miscellaneous innovation themes.

During the last year of the project the lead stakeholder of the Project identified in the newspaper related data an interesting topic. Given the always increasing talk how the traditional informative channels influence the social perception of groups, it was decided to move the Urban Sensing Reports from a social analysis to a more news and information study.

As the main source of information, the Europe Media Monitor was chosen. Through the use of this public and validated instrument, ERSAF decided to choose a set of keywords to follow on the press (both digital and tradizional). As a result, the statical output changes both graphically and from a number of issues and topics.

The analyzed topics

The keyword that are relevant to
EUSALP, and specifically to the single
Action Groups in the project. were
chosen to create these analysis are:

  • Alpine Food
  • Climate Change
  • Cultural Resources
  • Danube Region
  • Economic Growth
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Green Economy
  • Italian Presidency
  • Labour Market
  • Mobility
  • Research and Innovation
  • Risk Management
  • Smart Village

Latest results

Title Publication date Topic Result
EUSALP Media Monitor - April 2019 1st Apr 2019 Europe Media Monitor Download
EUSALP Media Monitor - February 2019 1st Feb 2019 Europe Media Monitor Download
EUSALP Media Monitor - January 2019 1st Jan 2019 Europe Media Monitor Download
EUSALP Media Monitor - March 2019 1st Mar 2019 Europe Media Monitor Download
EUSALP Media Monitor - May 2019 1st May 2019 Europe Media Monitor Download