The Alpine Region is one of the wealthiest, the most dynamic, innovative and economically competitive areas of Europe. The territories constituting this Region benefit from a more favorable labor market than in the rest of Europe, at least for what concerns overall employment and unemployment rates. By contrast, regarding young people, the situation is more complex. The school to work transition is working better in countries with a well-established dual system and also the unemployment rates are lower among youngsters. However, problems and difficulties of various types occur in all dual systems.  AG3,with an Alpine wide comparative study, worked on the preconditions and future working paths.


To create a 10 points plan with strategic objectives for effective governance of Dual Systems in the Alpine Region, as inspiration for politicians and stakeholder and as a base for further actions that goes towards a common dual educational space.

What has been achieved? 

The first tangible result is the Final report Dual Systems in the Regions of the Alpine Space, carried out as a comparative study on dual education models in Alpine countries and regions, to come up with a set of recommendations and guidelines aiming to enhance the governance structures and mechanisms. It clearly stated that basic conditions in the field of governance, attractiveness, quality of the training, innovation, and mobility of the apprentices should be met to perform better and presented a list of best practices from the 48 regions that clearly show that dual education is in favor of youngsters and companies.