Manifesto for young people by young people to shape the european cooperation policy

20th May 2021

Rediscover the Youth Manifesto to shape and influence European Territorial Cooperation based on the experiences of EU youth. Now, a communication kit has been released to spread youth’ word.

The Manifesto contains twelve recommendations from young people to boost their involvement in European Territorial Cooperation. The ideas presented in this document, were collected by European Commission staff via targeted surveys, polls and online group discussions with young people from all over Europe, including the EU’s outermost regions and its neighbouring countries.

Encompassing our society’s biggest challenges now and in the future, the Manifesto covers five key areas: education and training opportunities; employment and job market; digitalisation; climate change and citizens' engagement. In order to further spread the message of this Manifesto, a special communication kit was made containing a video, infographics and social media visuals.

All Interreg and Macro regional Strategies are encouraged to not only implement the twelve recommendations, but to share them with their network too!

Be it young people, politicians or local, regional or national administration staff, this document is a great tool to show that young people’s ideas can help us in building a better, fairer and stronger EU for all.

To directly download the kit, please click here.

Discover the manifesto in all EU languages here.