EUSALP at the Festival of Economics in Trento

Meeting topic: 

How to shape a sustainable development for the Alpine regions and the people who live there?

This will be discussed in Trento at the events organised by the Eusalp 2022 Presidency. As part of the rich programme of the Trento Festival of Economics, the Italian Presidency of EUSALP (European Strategy for the Alpine Region) is organising two events:

Seminar “What does the future hold for the Alps?”

Sunday 5 June

15:00 - 16:15

Trento - Palazzo della Provincia - Sala Depero


The event of the Italian EUSALP 2022 Presidency aims to offer a concrete and disenchanted analysis of the relationship between the centers and the peripheries of the Alpine regions. Starting from the data that describe this delicate balance on which the future development model of the Alps is based, the event will catch the particular gaze of those who choose to stay or return to peripheral territories and an interpretation of the role of women in the development of peripheral areas.


Mirko Bisesti, Councillor for Education, Universities and Culture for the Autonomous Province of Trento;

Lucio Poma, NOMISMA;

Valentina Boschetto Doorly, author;

Michela Zucca, anthropologist;

Gianni Trovati, journalist for Il Sole 24 Ore

Future Workshop: “The Future order in the Alps”

How can we shape a local integrated development of the EUSALP area and fight the abandonment of rural areas in the Alps?


June 4 2022,  2.30 -6.30 pm 

Trentino Marketing, Sala Plenaria - Via Romagnosi, 11 - Trento

Young people coming from EUSALP Regions will try to identify concrete proposals to be proposed to the EUSALP governance in order to bridge the GAP between centers and peripheries in the Alps and to make the Alps a place where to live, work and invest.