Connecting people electronically


Subgroup 1 deal with all aspects concerning strategies about technological infrastructures (i.e. public ultra broadband initiatives in market failure context) and general opportunities/issues of digitalisation (i.e. E-Government). In other terms, the aim of this subgroup is to focus on technical elements that can support connectivity and digitalization.  This subgroup is led by Autonomous Region of Aosta Valley.

Group members

Alessio Pastorino

Carlo Vigna

Representative of Valle d'Aosta, Italy

Marcello Petitta

Representative of Italy
Representative of Ministry of Environment, Italy

Jože Vojkovič

Representative of Slovenia, Slovenia

Andrea Bertuolo

Representative of Trento, Italy

Marco Tomasi

Representative of Trento, Italy

Angelika Jais

Representative of Bavaria, Germany

Guillaume Faure

Representative of Lyon, France

Paolo Perucci

Representative of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy

Darja Kukovič

Representative of Maribor, Slovenia

Guillaume Doukhan

Representative of Lyon, France