Action Group 3 - Labour market, education and training

To improve the adequacy of labour market, education and training in strategic sectors


The third action group aims at improving the adequacy of labour market, education and training with employment opportunities in strategic sectors in the Region, and at increasing the employment levels of the Region through joint macro-regional activities.

1st Thematic Policy Area
"Economic Growth and Innovation"

Specific Objectives

Action group 3 focuses on the field of dual education and in particular on dual vocational training. In a demographic situation in which over-aging and the abandoning of mountainous territories are important challenges, youngsters' involvement in the labour market is a fundamental theme. The European countries with low unemployment rates among young generations are typically countries that have adopted active labour market policies, as well as a form of dual vocational training as a base of their economic system. The dual vocational training systems of the Alpine states are very different concerning the actors, the contents and the structures involved. On this purpose, with a view to improve cross boarder cooperation and allow the exchange of best practices, the long term aim of the grop is to establish a common macroregional educational space in which vocational professions and the related certificates are reciprocally acknowledged.

Giuliana Cristoforetti
Role: Leader

Additional Representative contacts

Mauro Casotto
Frank Bau
Barbara Centis
Lionel Croissant
Giuseppe De Luca
Fulvio Fabris
Andrea Giacomelli
Hannes Goetsch
Tadej Jezernik
Cassiano Luminati
Darko Mali
Erika Napetschnig
Daniela Nöbauer
Meta Prinčič
Brunella Reverberi
Isabelle Roux
Katrin Schillo
Černoša Slavica
Ursula Weingartner


Estelle Roger
Rainer Steindler
Pierluigi Vinai


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