Action Groups


To keep the EUSALP Action Plan manageable and to ensure a high level of ownership of the participants, the Action Plan focuses on nine actions which represent the main areas where the Strategy can contribute to delivery at the present stage.
Actions can be of different nature: some may require financial support while others consist of better coordinating national policies and decisions. In a number of cases, actions aim at highlighting the areas where activity is already in progress – either at EU level or in other international frameworks –, but which require enhanced efforts of coordination within the Alpine Region and coherent funding strategies as a condition for success in their implementation. The Strategy provides a unique opportunity in this respect. All actions should be carried out in close coordination with other relevant developments (in particular new regulations), including at EU level, to ensure coherence and efficiency.

1st Thematic Policy Area: fostering sustainable growth and promoting innovation in the Alps: from theory to practice, from research centers to enterprises

Action Group 1: to develop an effective research and innovation ecosystem
Action Group 2: to increase the economic potential of strategic sectors
Action Group 3: to improve the adequacy of labour market, education and training in strategic sectors

2nd Thematic Policy Area. Connectivity for all: in search of a balanced territorial development through environmentally friendly mobility patterns, transports systems and communication services and infrastructures

Action Group 4: To promote inter-modality and interoperability in passenger and freight transport
Action Group 5: To connect people electronically and promote accessibility to public services

3rd Thematic Policy Area: Ensuring sustainability in the Alps: preserving the Alpine heritage and promoting a sustainable use of natural and cultural resources

Action Group 6: To preserve and valorise natural resources, including water and cultural resources
Action Group 7: To develop ecological connectivity in the whole EUSALP territory
Action Group 8: To improve risk management and to better manage climate change, including major natural risks prevention
Action Group 9: To make the territory a model region for energy efficiency and renewable energy