Investigating the potentials of innovative propulsion systems and fuels



Activity dates: 
January 2020 to December 2020
Action’s description: 

As part of activity E of its Work Plan 2020-2022, AG4 has commissioned a study on the development of alternative fuels in the Alpine region. The focus of the investigation lies on hydrogen (H2) power, a propulsion system that has up to date been highly contested. The investigation is conducted by In Extenso Innovation Croissance.

First and foremost, the results are supposed to help AG4 define a common position concerning the development of alternative fuels. The issue of alternative fuels being a technical as well as a political one, it is important for AG4 to have a clear standing in order to guide its interest to their implementation The survey also aims at identifying gaps concerning missing stations in the Alpine Region and to benchmark the different choices made by countries in terms of technologies and policies. Additionally, best practice cases should be identified within each EUSALP region, serving as a basis for future projects.

The image below shows the necessary tasks to be fulfilled in the course of the investigation as well as the targeted timeline: