Italian Presidency 2022

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Climate change might affect the Alpine region much more than other geographical areas. This is why the Italian EUSALP Presidency 2022 is inspired by the ambition of making the EUSALP region the first European carbon-neutral macro region in line with the EU Climate Action and the European Green Deal promoting the roll-out of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency measures.

The EUSALP area shall become the first carbon neutral macro-region with the highest rate of municipalities that cover their energy needs exclusively from local renewable energy sources and with the highest rate of energy-efficient building renovations in Europe.

The EUSALP Presidency 2022 will foster the sustainable development of the EUSALP area, thereby tackling the gap between peripheral and well connected (urban) areas. In this context, large as well as small urban centers and metropoles of the EUSALP region play a crucial role. Their universities, R&D centers, specialized companies, enterprises and handicrafts demonstrate a significant potential for innovation that needs to be further exploited. The development of climate-friendly as well as the digitalization process represent important potentials for the modernization of peripheral areas in the Alpine Region. In this context, the promotion of smart villages and smart regions play a central role. Regional and local administrations are key actors in the implementation of sustainable development policies and in the adaptation of technological innovation that trigger climate-friendly and sustainable development.

The year 2022 will be the Year of European Youth. Various geographical areas in the EUSALP are facing a variety of socio-economic challenges caused by overageing and migratory movements of young people. This is why the EUSALP must increase its efforts to make the Alpine Region an attractive place to work and live for all generations but especially for young people. Hence, the Italian Presidency 2022 is committed to promote the young generations’ empowerment in the EUSALP governance structure. The young generation, represented by the EUSALP Youth Council, shall be offered the possibility to be heard during decision-making processes within the USALP.

The member states and member regions of the EUSALP as well as the European Commission recognize the essential role that the EUSALP Action Groups play in making the EUSALP a success. For this reason, the Italian EUSALP Presidency 2022 aspires to strengthen the involvement of the Action Groups in the EUSALP governance structures and to assure its endurance.

Last but not least, the Italian Presidency 2022 will capitalize on the results of the French Presidency to foster and consolidate a sound, inclusive and effective EUSALP governance, supporting the Financial Dialogue Networks and thereby enhancing the impact and recognition of the Strategy.


Video Presentation of the italian presidency 2022

Specific Objectives

Focusing on joint actions and continuing the work carried out by the previous Presidencies, the Italian EUSALP Presidency 2022, held by the Autonomous Provinces of Bolzano/Bozen and Trento, will develop its programme in six areas of action:

1. Effectively tackling the challenge of climate change by promoting energy efficiency and the energy transition to path the way of the EUSALP towards carbon-neutrality;

2. Fostering smart villages and sustainable local development;

3. Empowering the EUSALP youth;

4. Promote sustainable tourism and transport;

5. Advance the cooperation on natural risk management and spatial planning;

6. Strengthening the EUSALP governance and its embedding;


The Presidency:

The Autonomous Provinces of Bolzano/Bozen and Trento chair the EUSALP Presidency 2022, in coordination with the Italian EUSALP member Regions, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and Cohesion Policy, Department of the President of the Council of Ministers, and other Ministries interested in EUSALP topics.


EUSALP Energy Award 2022

Jun 2022 to Oct 2022
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