1st Experts' workshop "EUSALP Energy Observatory"

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With its unique geographical and structural characteristics, the Alpine Region has a good potential to transform into a model region for energy efficiency and renewable energy. To achieve this, reliable energy data is indispensable for decision-makers to formulate, implement and verify the effectiveness of energy policies and measures. At the macro-regional level, too, energy data can support the implementation and monitoring of a long-term cross-border energy strategy for the Alpine Region. The implementation of the observatory project requires networking a series of actors as well as collecting and standardising the relevant data. As a first step, EUSALP Action Group 9 organizes a series of workshops with energy data experts to exploit the feasibility of a future EUSALP Energy Observatory. The first workshop took place on 21st of March 2018 in Bolzano. Experts on energy data collection from the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission as well as from different regions in France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia participated.

The workshop was organized by EUSALP Action Group 9 members from Auvergne-Rhone Alpes Énergie Environnement and the Agency for Energy South Tyrol - CasaClima. After the opening of the workshop by Ulrich Santa, Agency for Energy South Tyrol - CasaClima, Patrick Biard, Auvergne-Rhone Alpes Énergie Environnement, presented the objectives and the roadmap of the EUSALP Energy Observatory. Silvia Bovio (IRE Liguria), Markus Niedermair (Land Vorarlberg, Dept. of Economy), Marcel Knöri (Canton St. Gallen, Office for Water and Energy), Miro Kristan (Soča Valley Development Centre) and Valentin Lyant (Région PACA, CM Energie) presented case studies of the energy data centres and energy data collection and processing methodologies in their regions and states. In the second session of the meeting, experiences with energy data sharing were illustrated. Adriano Bisello (EURAC Research) presented the results of the EUSALP Energy Survey 2017 that collected regional energy data of all regions of the Alpine arch in 2017 and that was commissioned by EUSALP Action Group 9. Brigitte Koffi (JRC, European Commission) gave insights into energy data collection methods in the frame of the Covenant of Mayors and Silvio De Nigris (Office for Energy Saving and Renewable Energy, Piemont Region) presented the results of the project Data4Action that, inter alia, facilitated the establishment of regional energy observatories in Europe.

During the workshop, the experts worked on the framework conditions, prerequisites and fields of action for the EUSALP Energy Observatory. These topics will be further elaborated during the 2nd experts' workshop "EUSALP Energy Observatory" that will take place on the 6th of June 2018 in Innsbruck. The workshop will be organized in collaboration with the Tyrolean EUSALP Presidency.


Author: Maren Meyer

NOI Techpark, Via Volta 13a, 39100 Bozen