5th Action Group 9 meeting

Meeting topic: 

On 21st of March 2018, the 5th EUSALP Action Group 9 meeting took place in Bolzano. Action Group 9 leader Ulrich Santa opened the meeting. During a plenary session, experts gave input presentations about energy and environmentally relevant topics in the Alpine region. Marilena Muntean (JRC, European Commission) presented the outcome of a study concerning bioenergy potentials in the MRS EUSALP that is currently under the review of the Commission. According to the report, bioenergy will remain a key component of Europe’s energy mix. Since it poses relevant challenges for sustainability, policy makers shall take into account the carbon neutrality of biomass that depends, i.a. on the type of biomass and the forest management as well as on how efficiently the resource is used. Guido Lanzani (Head of Air Quality Unit in Lombardy Region) showcased the impact of wood burning on air quality in Lombardy Region and legal measures taken by the administration to limit air pollution by progressively phasing out the most emitting stoves. Alfred Aberer (General Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce South Tyrol, Eurochambers) presented results of a survey about energy efficiency in handicraft SME’s in South Tyrol that was conducted by the lvh South Tyrol. The study found that the smaller a company is the less likely it can spend time and money for energy efficiency activities. Accompanying public programmes that support SME’s to define energy saving measures are an effective tool to reverse these tendencies, according to the presenter. Cristina Cavicchioli (RSE), presented the project e-MOTICON that acts on the problems of low and inhomogeneous deployment of electric mobility in the Alpine Space. Etienne Vienot (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Énergie Environnement) informed the Action Group members about hydrogen activities in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes that is integral part of the region's strategy towards carbon neutrality. During the second part of the meeting, the subgroups of the Action Groups met to review the advancement of the work plan and to discuss new activities. The meeting ended with the preparation of a report concerning the implementation of the MRS EUSALP to DG Regio.