AG4 - 15th Action Group Meeting

Meeting topic: 

The 15th AG4 Meeting took place in a virtual format on November 4th, 2020. The main focus of this meeting’s agenda were the 14 projects labelled by the AG4 Project Assessment Methodology. These projects were to be awarded with a Letter of Recommendation highlighting their value for the fostering of sustainable mobility solutions in the Alpine Region from a macro-regional perspective and urges decision making authorities to support the implementation and to provide adequate financial support.

Project promoters receiving the Letter of Recommendation were given the opportunity to take the floor and shortly present their respective projects to the AG at the 15th AG4 Meeting. In a next step, the projects still had to be officially approved by AG4 and rewarded the Label, which was envisaged to be concluded by the end of November 2020. In spring 2021, a second round of project submissions should be called out.

For AlpGov 2 [1], five Strategic Policy Areas aimed at the closer collaboration between the EUSALP Action Groups had been defined. AG4 was actively contributing to the following three: “Carbon-neutral Alpine area”, “Smart villages” and “Spatial Planning”. While most contributions built on ongoing AG4 activities (e.g. the resumption of the study on “Innovative Propulsion Systems and Fuels” or the complementing of the AG4 Transport and Mobility Conflict Map), the uptake of some additional fields of activity was required (e.g. the analysis of the existing national/regional spatial planning concepts).

Apart from that, AG4 had carried on its cooperation with iMONITRAF! [2] and the Transport Working Group from the Alpine Convention [3]. One major novelty from the iMONITRAF! network was the finalization of its policy scenarios for the year 2030, taking into consideration different rationales:

  1. a modal shift scenario assuming a very ambitious modal shift policy mix,
  2. a technology scenario which assumes an accelerated market diffusion of alternative technologies, and
  3. a combined scenario integrating the positive aspects of both approaches.

These scenarios provide a strong basis for decision-making at different political levels as well as for the agenda-setting of the iMONITRAF! network itself.

Do not hesitate to contact the AG4 Lead Team for further information on contents:


 [1] AlpGov 2 is an Interreg Alpine Space project aimed at the practical implementation of EUSALP.
 [2] iMONITRAF! is a network of Alpine regions with the aim to harmonize modal shift policies in different states.
 [3] The Alpine Convention is an international treaty aiming at the protection and sustainable development of the Alps.