AG4 - 18th Action Group Meeting

Meeting topic: 

The 18th AG4 Meeting took place on December 3rd (9:00 - 15:00).

AG4 recently took up a new activity on modal shift: A stakeholder analysis was conducted in order to formulate actionable policy recommendations for effective implementation of modal shift measures.

With the presentation of the six labelled projects the 2nd round of projects assessments could be finalized. The AG4 Project Assessment Methodology allows for the identification of projects with a macro-regional added value for the fostering of sustainable mobility solutions in the Alpine Region. In addition to the Letters of Recommendation being awarded to the project promoters receiving the label, AG4 leaders are eager to make the projects visible in follow-up activities (e.g. PoK for Mobility & Transport, European Week of Regions). Moreover, a discussion on a possible revision of the methodology was set in motion in order to improve some aspects.

On another note, AG4 efforts to formulate Contributions of EUSALP states and regions to the EU Year of Rail & Call for Action “Facing the Transport Challenge” were still ongoing. The AG4 agreed on a final round of feedback for the EUSALP Declaration on Rail Transport. An endorsement of the document during the Annual Forum / General Assembly in Nice will thus not take place.

AG4 members agreed on the next meeting to be held on March 15th and 16th. Moreover, the 20th AG4 Meeting will take place on May 12th in Innsbruck, aligned to the Mobility Conference on May 13th.