AG5 2nd meeting

Meeting topic: 

Action Group 5 meets for the second time in the framework of the EUSALP Action Groups Forum.


13:00 Start of work


Welcome and introduction (Giorgio Consol, Thomas Egger)


Approval of the minutes of the previous meeting and formal communications (Giorgio Consol)


News from EUSALP and AlpGov


The EUSALP website vs. AG5 collaboration website (Giorgio Consol)

The Alpgov website (Thomas Egger)

Work plan state of play (Thomas Egger)



Actual state of play in :

subgroup 1 (Giorgio Consol)

subgroup 2 (Thomas Egger)




h.15:30-16:00 Coffee break




Concretization of the Action plan of AG5, especially further elaboration of the strategic initiatives, lighthouse projects and quick wins (All, starting from the KO ideas)


Organization of further work (All)



Next steps (All)





18:00   Closure of works


Garmisch-Partenkirchen Kongresshaus, Bavaria (Germany)