Follow-up Workshop on Networking for Ecological Connectivity and Green Infrastructure - AG 7

Meeting topic: 

EUSALP AG 7 wants to trigger tangible implementation initiatives and in cooperation with relevant partners make Green Infrastructure concept come alive in EUSALP territory.

The workshop on 19. 9. 2018 aims at fostering the dialogue, building on the results from previous discussions (Koper Networking Workshop 2017, EUSALP AG7 activities 2017-2018 etc.) and to further develop the identified proposals into tangible project ideas and strategic initiatives backed with relevant partnerships. Those should clearly manifest their contribution to the implementation of EUSALP AG7 goals.

  • Summary of the results of the 2017 Networking Workshop
  • Overview of other activities (2017-2018) regarding ecological connectivity: EUSALP Action Group 7, ESPON study GRETA, ASP projects AlpBioNet2030, LIFEALPDINBEAR, GREVISLIN etc.
  • Discussion and clarification on
    • Implementation initiatives Koper 2017 (’wish list’),
    • Implementation initiatives EUSALP AG7,
    • Next steps in preparing proposals for the implementation (for program period post 2020, possibly ARPAF) – description of strategic /project idea, relevant/potential partnerships, commitments etc.
    • Prioritisation

Field visit: A Green Infrastructure example - coast between Izola and Koper

Exhibition »Green Infrastructure – New challenges for urban landscape planning«, Manzioli Palace, Izola

Workshop was organised within the Mediterranean Coast and MRS Week 2018 (updates on the MCW program on )

20181003: Complete REPORT, presentations and other material from the workshop is available HERE

Izola, Manzioli Square 5