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The Alpine space is the European area most vulnerable to global change impacts. In hardly any other area the consequences of climate change and social transitions are more evident than they are in the mountain areas. Nowhere on the European continent people’s living areas are more vulnerable to the consequences of these developments. No other region has a greater diversity of resources essential for human life than the Alps have. The exposedness to natural disasters as well as structural and demographic changes call for special measures to ensure and improve the resilience of the Alpine regions for the long term. Forests and soil are the elements having the highest potential for the protection of people’s life and economic activities in the Alpine region. However, a look back on history shows that they have also been most heavily exploited. Land consumption is still one of the key challenges and significantly increases the risk of natural disasters. Sustainable management of the resources soil (land) and forests requires a new way of thinking on the part of decision-makers and players which is in line with the precautionary principle. Hence, developing a new model of risk governance for the protection of soil and forests is an absolute necessity.

The complex topic "protection.forest.climate" is a key component of the implementation of Austria’s Forest Strategy 2020+. Also Action Group 8 of the Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP), under Austrian and Bavarian Presidency, deals with the issues of governance concerning natural hazards and climate change adaptation. In order to make the best possible use of potentials and synergies and to generate added value for the Alpine region this forest summit is organised jointly by the Austrian Forest Dialogue and EUSALP Action Group 8.


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Landhaus/Office of the Provincial Government of the Tyrol Eduard-Wallnöfer Platz 3 | 6020 Innsbruck, Austria