June 15th & 16th, Scuol, Switzerland : Conference Water as a resource & EB meeting

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Meeting topic: 

Conference on sustainable and economical management of water resources

Next 15 and 16 June, the second international conference of the 2023 Swiss Presidency of the #EUSALP, will take place in Scuol on the topic of "#Water".

Registration online until 26 May ! Please visit the following page for more information on registration and accommodation https://www.engadin.com/en/accommodations-eusalp-congress

Water as a resource : Water and Energy
Key topics
» Energy as the engine of our economy
» Alpine rivers with significant energy potential (large differences in altitude and a lot of water), battery
» In many places, the construction of power plants has thus contributed to regional development in remote mountain regions
» Nature and landscape conservation interests (also conflict over residual flow)
» Electricity generation accounts for about a quarter of global CO2 emissions
» Volatility of residual load will increase, therefore higher flexibilities necessary
» High importance of hydropower from the Alpine region: the installed capacity of plants in the Alpine region accounts for about 40% of the total hydropower capacity in the EU.

Water and Tourism (Winter and Summer)
Key topics :
» High importance of Alpine rivers; attraction for tourism
» Health and spa tourism (good air, springs)
» High recreational value for residents in the immediate or wider surroundings (day tourism)
» With increasing leisure time (after work, weekends, holidays), demand also increases (thus pressure on the environment)
» Recreational activities on rivers are self-organised activities; visitor management difficult
» The attractiveness of watercourses results from the perception of freedom, the absence of regulations
» Snow guarantee in winter necessary for tourism or water quantity for rafting
» EU Water Directive

Water conservation : Best practices on water protection
Key topics
» Increasing conflicts of protection and use (settlements, infrastructures, expansion of hydropower), especially pressure on biodiversity!
» Alpine rivers provide livelihoods for 80 million people (Rhone, Rhine, Po and Danube), intensive pressure of use
» Watercourses are among the most threatened ecosystem types in the world
» Pressure from natural hazards and dealing with the risk

Political Panel; Final words and joint declaration
Key topics
» Moderated discussion plus questions from the audience
» Focus on the balance between Water use and conservation
» What can the Alpine regions achieve together - through cooperation?
» Policy-making and prospects for the future

For those who cannot be on site in Scuol, the thematic conference on 16 June will be broadcast live.


15 June 2023
18.30 Welcoming Dinner in Scuol

16 June 2023

8.30 Welcome Coffee at the Fundaziun Nairs (Nairs 509, 7550 Scuol)
9.00 Welcoming Words

9.15 Keynote on Water in/and transition

Water as a resource
9.30 Panel – Water and Energy

10.15 Panel – Water and Tourism (Winter and Summer)

11.00 Coffee break

Water conservation
11.45 Best practices on water protection

13.00 End of conference
(Detailed agenda attached)

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