Trento Film Festival - Mountains and cultures

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The theme of the 70th edition of the Trento Film Festival - MONTAGNE E CULTURE (MOUNTAINS AND CULTURES) -  is particularly coherent with EUSALP values and objectives.

Under the initiative of the Italian Presidency 2022, a EUSALP award was created "What keeps me here”. It will be awarded to the work that best captures the spirit of the Alpine macro-region, i.e. that combination of attention and predisposition towards themes such as sustainability, inclusion, green and, in particular, life opportunities in the Alpine context. Keeping young people, but also attracting them to mountain and Alpine areas in particular, is the challenge to be met.
A jury made up of qualified professionals and chaired by Mirko Bisesti will decide on the winning work.

The Trento FIlm Festival will also be the opportunity to present two photography exhibitions which echo EUSALP thematics:

Le temps d’une estive - The time of an alpine pasture di Eric Vallee

A native of Paris, thanks to a meeting with a sheep-farmer, Eric Vallee became passionately interested in the sheperd way of life and began to appreciate this fascinating and difficult world. Today he is a shepherd himself, making a lifestyle choice to follow the “seasons of alpine pasture”, in contact with animals and nature, doing his sporting activities and dedicating his time to contemplation and photography. On a day-to-day basis he accepts the challenge of living in the mountains, because whether it rains, snows or thunders, along with his dogs, the shepherd is responsible for the fate of his flock.


Il buon pastore - The good sheperd di Simone Cargnoni

Photography is a vehicle Simone Cargnoni uses in order to approach people and subjects that spark his interest. Giovanni, the figure featured in his photographs, has been a shepherd since he was born. The pace of his life has always been dependent on the timing of seasonal migration. In search of places where the animals can find food and water, Giovanni accompanies herds owned by farmers in Trentino and Veneto, travelling for hundreds of kilometres from mountain pastures to inhabited areas. A native of Romania, for 15 years he has divided his life between his work in Italy and his family in his home country.


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