Mission Statement

EUSALP Mission Statement

EUSALP is a European strategy for the Alpine territory joining human passions, natural resources and economic assets, linking cities, plains, valleys and mountains to find solutions to challenges we can solve only together. 
We coordinate planning, integrate the best practices in the fields of economy, education, environment, accessibility and mobility, and commit as institutions to create sustainable solutions for the benefits of the citizens. 
By bringing governing closer to the people, EUSALP is proving that the European culture of cooperation lives. 


EUSALP co-creates the future of Europe by translating sectoral policies on regional scale, enabling the best ideas to happen in a sensitive natural and multicultural Alpine area. 
By balancing innovative solutions in a healthy environment, EUSALP is shaping the future together.


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EUSALP Objectives

The overarching challenge for the Alpine Region is to balance development and protection through innovative approaches which strengthen this area located in the center of Europe as a living space for people and nature as well as a field for economic and social activities in a sustainable way.

Enhancing attractiveness and competitiveness of the Alpine Region as well as reducing social and territorial disparities for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in the region constitutes a tailor-made contribution to the growth of the region in line with EU 2020 Strategy objectives.

The EU-Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP) aims at ensuring mutually beneficial interaction between the mountain regions at its core and the surrounding lowlands and urban areas, flexibly taking into account the functional relationships existing between these areas.

The EUSALP promotes the Alpine Region in its function as an EU laboratory for effective cross-sectorial and multi-level governance, strengthening cohesion within the Union, deepening the cross-border cooperation of institutions and actors in this environmentally sensitive key European area at the crossroads of cultures and traditions.

It is a unique example of a Strategy initiated in a bottom-up approach by the people and backed by the States and Regions.

As its main objective, the EU Strategy for the Alpine Region aims to ensure that this region remains one of the most attractive areas in Europe, taking better advantage of its assets and seizing its opportunities for sustainable and innovative development in a European context.

The Strategy will focus on areas of (macro) regional mutual interest. Therefore, the priority areas and specific objectives selected should reflect genuine commitment to working together to achieve common solutions to challenges or unused potential.

The main objective above will be attained through the following 3 Thematic Policy Areas and priorities:

Objective: Fair access to job opportunities, building on the high competitiveness of the Region

Objective: Sustainable internal and external accessibility to all

3rd Thematic Policy Area: ENVIRONMENT AND ENERGY
Objective: A more inclusive environmental framework for all and renewable and reliable energy solutions for the future

An cross-cutting Thematic Policy Area will allow to improve cooperation and the coordination of action in the Alpine Region

Objective: A sound macro-regional governance model for the Region