Centre Albert Borschette, CCAB 0.D, rue Froissart 36, in Brussels
1st Apr 2019
How to best use available marketplaces across Europe and what role Digital Innovation Hubs should play on them? How can companies and regions benefit?

"Routes4U meeting for the Alpine Region (EUSALP)" 2-3 April...

26th Mar 2019
On the occasion of the upcoming event of 2-3 April in Bard: “Routes4U meeting for the Alpine Region (EUSALP): Strengthening regional development through the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe” the following press release has been published:

Workshop “Interactive Natural Hazard Models” on April 25 in Heimschuh

26th Mar 2019
The Austrian Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism, co-Leader of EUSALP AG8, together with the Province of Styria and its partners from the Alpine region, will organize an interactive workshop for children and young people on the subject of natural hazard management w


Hochschule Constance, University of Applied Sciences, Baden-Württemberg
11th Mar 2019
The EUSALP Action Group 1 – Research and Innovation – Lead by Professor Anna Giorgi representative of Lombardy Region - aims to foster networking and capitalization of experiences among Universities, Research Centers, Incubators, Accelerators and Technology Transfer Hubs, in order to develop

Policy discussion on how to link EU initiatives to the regional /...

Lombardy Region 3rd floor, Lotto Arancio, Room 34 - Entrance: N4 Palazzo Lombardia - Piazza Città di Lombardia 1 - 20124 Milano
26th Feb 2019
The AlpSIB project is elaborating as its main deliverable a “Common Methodology” that, starting from the chances and obstacles in the individual countries, identifies the common opportunities and challenges for implementing SIBs, with a special focus on the Alpine Space countries.

21-22 March - Strategic AG9 event: Energy efficiency in enterprises...

Via A. Volta 13a, 39100 Bolzano/Bozen
25th Feb 2019
The promotion of energy efficiency measures in the economic sector in the EUSALP macro-region is a strategic goal of EUSALP Action Group 9 that has the mission "to make the territory a model region for energy efficiency and renewable energy".

Call for young professional in the four EU macro-regions

15th Feb 2019
Routes4Youth is a network of young professionals working on regional development issues through the Cultural Routes of the Council of Eur

New documents on MRS released by European Commission

7th Feb 2019
On 29 January 2019 European Commission officially released two documents: the Report on the implementation of MRS and the
Outgoing commuters 2016 - Alpine Region EUSALP

The Alpine Region as a hotspot of cross-border commuter flows in...

31st Jan 2019
What are the impacts of high commuter flows to the Alpine Region?

Call for EUSALP

23rd Jan 2019
In the framework of the joint programme of the European Commission and Council of Europe “Routes4U”, four calls for proposals have been launched!

S3-4AlpClusters Final Conference - SMART SPECIALIZATION WITH SMART...

Palazzo Grandi Stazioni, Venice, Italy
18th Jan 2019
The S3-4AlpClusters Final Conference - SMART SPECIALIZATION WITH SMART CLUSTERS will take place on March 14th, in Venice. The interplay between clusters and S3 and the tools and processes developed in the project will be presented to a larger p

Results of the 2nd EUSALP Annual Forum in Innsbruck

7th Jan 2019
The 2nd EUSALP Annual Forum, which took place in Innsbruck on 20 and 21 November 2018 under the Tyrolean EUSALP presidency, offered a series of interesting and exciting workshops on a wide range of topics.

Workshop youth.shaping.EUSALP

20th Dec 2018
Just before the 2nd EUSALP Annual Forum, which was focusing on the next generation, a youth workshop took place on 19 November 2018 in Innsbruck.
Heilkraft der Alpen

Report on “Heilkraft der Alpen", International symposium on...

Bad Hofgastein, Salzburg, Austria
7th Dec 2018
Health was never before taken with such importance as it is today. In particular, tourism is becoming increasingly demanding when it comes to health concerns.

AG5’s initiatives spread to young people at 2nd EUSALP Annual Forum...

30th Nov 2018
Action Group 5 was present at the 2nd EUSALP Annual Forum in Innsbruck with an exhibition booth to present the strategic initiatives developed within the work of the AG.
A journey through the Alpine Region

AG4 strengthens youth collaboration in mobility

29th Nov 2018
The EUSALP Annual Forum 2018 took place on 20-21 November 2018 in Innsbruck. True to its motto "shaping.future.together. with the next generation" the AG4 involved young high school students in its workshop and fostered close collaboration with the CIPRA Youth Council.
Tyrol supports city network in the EU-Alpine region: LHStvin Felipe signed agreement

Tyrol supports city network in the EU-Alpine region: LHStvin Felipe...

29th Nov 2018
An environmentally friendly and greener infrastructure in the cities of the Alpine regions: The province of Tyrol will in future support the city network of the EU project LOS_DAMA!

Alpine-wide declaration on intelligent land use and soil protection

28th Nov 2018
Soil protection, to which land-saving spatial planning makes a significant contribution, has already attracted a series of commitments at various levels (World Soil Charter, European Soil Charter, Austrian Soil Charter, Manifesto for the Soil and Land Alliance of European Citie

Routes4U Project: Fostering regional development of the Alpine Region...

23rd Nov 2018
Since 1987, more than 30 transnational networks certified "Cultural Route of the Council of Europe" provide a wealth of leisure and educational activities for all citizens across Europe and beyond.