AlpGov Final Event - an adventure ends, another one begins

2nd Dec 2019

The 3rd EUSALP Annual Forum, held in Milan on 28 and 29 November hosted the AlpGov final event.

More than 150 people attended the conference, which started with the welcome speech of the Italian Presidency and the greetings from DG Regio and Bavarian Lead Partner.
The moderator Charlélie Jourdan, Creative Strategist, presented the six outputs of the project and the AlpGov final publication, using an interactive system of voting in order to involve the audience without too many technicalities.
The key-moment of the event was the discussion between the AG Leaders and the young finalists of the contest “Pitch Your Project”. Each team of youngsters asked a question to the representatives of AlpGov Action Groups.

AG Leaders replied to the students talking about  their work, studies and the objectives for the future of the Alps.

The Final EUSALP storytelling video, which summarizes activities and main results of the project was projected at the beginning pf the Conference and is available here.

Many thanks to all the AG leaders and members, the Lead Partner, the DG Regio, the Presidencies and all the other regional and local institutions for the work done during these last 3 years!!

We are ready for season 2!

Download the final publication



Mon 2nd Dec 2019

AlpGov Final Publication

Mon 2nd Dec 2019