ARPAF Impuls4Action: working for Alpine Peatland protection

19th Nov 2020

What is the need for action in alpine-wide peatland protection? This question was addressed by 35 peat protection actors from the Alpine countries Italy, Slovenia and Germany at the second interactive workshop "Peatlands in the Alpine Space" which took place on Wednesday, 18th of November in the framework of the ARPAF project “Impuls4Action” which sees a fruitful collaboration between the Action Group 1, the Action Group 6 and the Action Group 7.

The aim of the workshops is to promote the interregional and international exchange of experience in the field of peatland protection, identifying common challenges and solutions and to understand if a closer collaboration across all the different actors working for peatland conservation is to be foreseen and promoted. The next virtual workshop will be held for French stakeholders in French language (with english interpretation) on Thursday 3rd of December. If you wish to participate please contact Sylvia Holzträger (sylvia.holztraeger[at]

The workshops originate from the initiative of the ARPAF II project "Impuls4Action" which aims at promoting best practices to reduce soil consumption in the Alpine Region in cooperation with the “Peatlands of the Alps” – Project from the University of applied Science Weihenstephan –Triesdorf (HSWT).

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