Changing views, changing thoughts, changing behaviour - towards more sustainable mobility

7th Nov 2019
Changing views, changing thoughts, changing behaviour © Simon Kneebone for CIPRA

Within their ARPAF project CrossBorder, project partners from AG4, AG5, and CIPRA International have been working on sustainable mobility solutions for the local level. To find what is needed for a successful modal shift in trans-national commuter mobility to reduce the negative ecologic and economic effects of the considerable cross-border commuter flows in the Alpine Region, the project has already produced a number of outputs available for download on the CrossBorder website. Most recently, CIPRA International - together with the illustrator and cartoonist Simon Kneebone - has produced a Compact on Behaviour Change:

Traffic congestion, CO2 emissions, and noise: personal transport has an impact on the environment, our health and safety and challenges cities, communities and businesses. Although suitable public transport or cycle paths often exist, there is a lack of awareness and an absence of tools for implementing sustainable mobility. How come we’re taking the car? Why is it so difficult to change our habits? How can we deal with switching to sustainable alternatives? In addition to the necessary infrastructure, psychological factors such as norms, values and incentives play a role in changing the mobility behaviour of commuters. Psychological findings help to understand our mobility behaviour and offer strategies for intervention and behavioural change. The Compact “Changing views, changing thoughts, changing behaviour” provides an insight into the topic of behavioural change and offers inspiration for more sustainable mobility.


The Compact is available for download in all Alpine Languages: [EN] [DE] [FR] [IT] [SI]