EUSALP Roadshow 2022

23rd Mar 2022

The EUSALP roadshow is a series of meetings for the general public, more precisely a series of presentations of projects developed in the framework of the Alpine macro-regional strategy. The roadshow will include the participation of several experts, politicians and project leaders. The roadshow will be organised in the framework of the AlpGov 2 project and will take place in five stages in the Alpine Region.

The concept

The EUSALP roadshow is a communication activity which is coordinated by the Alpine Convention Team and the EUSALP Communication Team and supported by the AlpGov 2 programme.

The idea is to make the regional macro-strategy tangible for the citizens and to show that EUSALP creates sustainable solutions for the Alpine Region and promotes cooperation. The roadshow is a travelling exhibition that will travel around the Alpine arc and will be realised in 5 stops with the support of the Italian Presidency 2022.

These stops will allow citizens to gather with local and regional actors and EUSALP project leaders in a lively, direct and friendly way.

Themes selected for the 5 stops

Title of the event Date Location Topic
Carbon neutral 26/01/2022 Bolzano (IT) Green hydrogen for the Alps & Carbon Neutral
Smart Villages 03/05/2022 Trieste (IT)

Connectivity and Digitalisation in the Alpine area & involvement of young people

Natural Hazards 18/05/2022 Rosenheim (DE)

Risk communication models; natural hazard check; improvisation Theatre; involvement of young people.

Spatial Planning 24/05/2022 Bolzano (IT)

Future proofing of transport infrastructure; study on preservation and valorisation of landscapes in times of climate crisis; results of the project LUIGI; joint Paper on Spatial Planning

Innovation Hub for green business 17/06/2022 Edolo (IT) Establish a link with the world of young people and academia through an experiential initiative to promote the Alpine region on the theme of tourism in the mountains and the necessary transition.

The MODULES of the stops

Due to the health situation and the fact that the pandemic is still ongoing, the programmes are likely to change.

At each stop of the EUSALP roadshow, the following modules will be presented to the public:

  1. Policy dialogue: dialogue with politicians
  2. EUSALP general: activities that provide a better understanding of the macro-strategy activity
  3. EUSALP Concrete: infographics and quizzes
  4. Cultural Program: cultural or culinary workshops
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Tue 5th Apr 2022


Thu 31st Mar 2022
Presentation of the Roadshow by Alice Beck (Alpine Convention)