Exchange Workshop Alpine Convention - EUSALP

5th Oct 2017

In the spirit of good cooperation, the Alpine Convention is organizing a joint informal Exchange Workshop with the working bodies of the EUSALP and the Alpine Convention. The workshop will take place as a lunch-to-lunch meeting on 5-6 October 2017 in Gmunden (Austria). 
Under the overarching theme “Generating innovations through sustainable use of Alpine resources”, the workshop will employ facilitated discussion formats giving creative leeway and promoting open exchange (‘future lab’).  The main objectives are:
•    to facilitate a structured exchange between the Working Groups/Platforms of the Alpine Convention and the Action Groups of EUSALP based on their current mandates, work plans and activities;
•    to identify cooperation potentials, possible synergies and needs for cooperation and, in an outlook on the next working period, to explore possible joint future projects and activities;
•    to identify possible options how to further continue with the organisation of exchange and cooperation between AC and EUSALP.

Due to organizational reasons the number of participants is limited. The period for registration has already expired.


<p>BFW-Forstliche Ausbildungsstätte Ort<br /> Johann-Orth-Allee 16<br /> A-4810 Gmunden</p>