Joint meeting of EUSALP action groups 2 and 6 Agriculture and Food Fair

3rd Jun 2022



On the occasion of the International Agricultural Show, a EUSALP meeting was held on the promotion of Alpine agricultural products. This meeting is an initiative of two different Action Groups : Action Group 2 on strategic economic sectors and Action Group 6 on natural and cultural resources already active on this subject.

Agriculture is one of EUSALP strategic priorities and responds to the desire to pool the work of the Action Groups on certain cross-cutting issues that require a cross-fertilisation.

This meeting brought together more than thirty participants, physically present or attending online.

Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Region and Doubs Departmental Council were represented at political level.


Main results and work prospects 


  • The prospect of joint events to promote Alpine brands :

This meeting was a good opportunity for Regions to show their interest and positioning in the promotion of local brands and products. Joint promotion operations could be envisaged in the future.


  • : Joint work on the promotion of Alpine heritage at UNESCO

The meeting brought together the interests and themes of the work on the UNESCO application to include the heritage of Alpine food as an intangible world heritage.

This initiative, supported by Italy and in particular the Lombardy Region, is supported by all the actors present.

The French actors should meet by the end of April within a working group led by the ANCT, in order to promote sustainable pastoralism and the safeguarding of the Alpine food heritage with the following dimensions : living, producing and processing in mountain areas.


  • : Promotion of European projects (INTERREG Alpine Space):

Participants took note of information related to several European projects, including a project led by the Bauges Regional Park on the non-food use of Alpine agriculture (textile industry). The ALPTEXTYLE project was submitted in response to the call for projects that closed on 28 February and aims to develop a sustainable textile sector in order to meet current requirements (ecological footprint, sovereignty and regional origin of raw materials). Small-scale projects are envisaged, in particular as a follow-up to the ALPFOODWAY project on the promotion of Alpine culinary heritage.


  • : Joint work with the Alpine Convention :

This meeting was also an opportunity to explore synergies between the Alpine Convention and EUSALP. Many issues are transversal to these two institutions and agriculture and food are key subjects, in particular the promotion of sustainable and quality sectors.

During the discussions, the participants were able to see that the Alpine agricultural issues are inseparable from other thematic priorities supported by EUSALP. For example, tourism, which is the subject of a sub-group within Action Group 2, is a closely related subject (presentation of eco-tourism initiatives, gastronomic tourism, etc.). In the same way, the preservation of natural and cultural resources (soil, water and landscapes in particular) was widely discussed, which is an important working theme for Action Group 6.

Without creating new structures, the Action Group leaders will endeavour to ensure a follow-up of the first results, in particular during the meeting of EUSALP Action Group 2 which will be held at the end of June at the Hôtel de Région in Lyon, as appropriate.