Presentations & recommendations from the MRS Conference on media and communication

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The Conference brought together media people, journalists, academia and stakeholders from all 4 EU MRS to exchange experience, learn from good practices and discuss how to improve the visibility of the strategies and to make them even more useful and effective.

It was agreed to make further efforts to improve the visibility of EU macro-regional strategies and enhance cooperation between the four strategies in the field of communication. It was concluded that the creation of a single horizontal pillar for all four EU macro-regional strategies – "the media and communication pillar" – is worth trying; possible ways of creating it were presented. Responsible for communication in all 4 strategies should meet and exchange on regular basis. Progress achieved should be regularly assessed, preferably in September 2018. That could be the moment to verify whether we did "the right thing" and "did it right". Presentations and other information about the conference can be found here.