Results from 1st Experts' Workshop "EUSALP Energy Observatory"

22nd Mar 2018

With its unique geographical and structural characteristics, the Alpine Region has a good potential to transform into a model region for energy efficiency and renewable energy. To achieve this, reliable energy data is indispensable for decision-makers to formulate, implement and verify the effectiveness of energy policies and measures. At the macro-regional level, too, energy data can support the implementation and monitoring of a long-term cross-border energy strategy for the Alpine Region. The implementation of the observatory project requires networking a series of actors as well as collecting and standardising the relevant data. As a first step, EUSALP Action Group 9 organizes a series of workshops with energy data experts to exploit the feasibility of a future EUSALP Energy Observatory. The first workshop took place on 21st of March 2018 in Bolzano. Experts on energy data collection from the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission as well as from different regions in France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia participated.

The workshop documentation is online.