Results of the 3rd Workshop on EUSALP Communication Strategy “In&Out of Boxes”

28th Oct 2019

The event “In & Out of Boxes - 3rd Workshop on EUSALP Communication", held in Milan last October 24th and 25th, was successfully and positively concluded with more than 80 participants coming from the EUSALP regions. 

The 2 days event was organized in cooperation with the Italian Presidency and the EU Commission and it was aimed at bringing together members of the Executive Board, the Actions Groups leaders and members and external experts on communication, as well as the stakeholders of the Alpine region, in order to explore the challenges related to the EUSALP Internal and External Communication.

The day one started with the key note speech of Mr.Alexander Ferstl, Team Leader of Communication with Member  States of DG REGIO, who presented “The Macroregional Strategies:  these unknowns?”, focused on the results of the 2019 Eurobarometer Survey concerning the perception and knowledge of the Macroregional Startegies (see presentation).

The opening day consisted of two sessions: the round table Communication, European cooperation and citizenship: challenges, opportunities and operative solutions”  and a joint training session on EUSALP External Communication.The speakers of the round table were NATAŠA BUŠLJETA (on video- conference) representative of the Communication Office of Slovenia, MARIA SILVIA VENUTTI from the Communication Office of Piedmont Region, ANDREW SPANNAU, representative of the Foreign Press Association, RITA PALUMBO for FERPI Association, the National Coordination of MRS for Slovenia, Mrs. ANDREJA JERINA and SANDRA CHAIGNON, representative of the Commissariat Général à l’Egalité des territoires (CGET). The discussion was an important occasion to point out strengths, weakness and opportunities of the regional communication strategies  to promote EUSALP in order  to reach all the potential targets.
The second session was dedicated to the EUSALP External Communication. The participants were asked to join different working tables in order to learn how to effectively use the current communication tools to reach specific targets, such as Media (journalist), Civil society (NGO Activist) and Public Authorities (Public Servant). 

The second day of the workshop was dedicated to the EUSALP Internal Communication:  members of the Executive Board and the Action Groups worked together in parallel training sessions to find new processes to communicate better and to exchange their experiences and knowledge on a regular basis.The workshop was finally the occasion to discuss about the financial opportunities for the future communication activities.





Mon 28th Oct 2019


Mon 28th Oct 2019