Results from the First Annual Forum of the EU’s Macro-regional Strategy for the Alpine Region (EUSALP)

2nd Mar 2018

The first annual forum of the EU’s macro-regional strategy took place in Munich on 23 and 24 November. The forum had a political component where high-ranking political representatives from the European Commission as well as from various Alpine regions discussed the issues facing the Alpine region today. The forum also had a working-level component where civil servants from across the region worked together in 10 workshops on issues ranging from health and governance to traffic and innovation.

For an overview and brief summary of results from the first annual forum of the EU’s macro-regional strategy for the Alpine Region click here 

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Overview of Workshops

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Workshop 1: Embedding 

This workshop focused on different ways of embedding macro-regional strategies into the EU’s regulatory framework after 2020.
Workshop Results 

Workshop 2: Extended Alps 

This workshop explored mutual stereotypes between urban and mountainous regions in Europe as well as how cultural differences impact communication and cooperation across the Alpine region. 
Workshop Summary

Workshop 3: Innovation 

This workshop explored possible avenues to develop an effective Research and Innovation Ecosystem across the Alpine region.
Workshop Presentations

Workshop 4: Going Local

This workshop looked at new and innovative forms of governance that focus on the local level.
Workshop Presentations

Workshop 5: Traffic 

This workshop explored various issues connected to transport and mobility. Among other things it focused on ways to optimize passenger information across the Alpine region. 
Workshop Presentations

Workshop 6: MRS Transnational programs

This workshop discussed practical recommendations of how to effectively align the EU’s macro-regional strategies with its transnational programs. 

Workshop Results

Workshop 7: Health

This workshop explored different ways of promoting health tourism in the Alpine region and how to adapt the Alpine tourism industry to climate change.
Workshop Summary and presentation

Workshop 8: Ecological value chains 

The workshop explored the practicability of a bio-based value chain creation approach in the Alpine region by reference to two specific projects.

Workshop 9: Smart Villages 

The “Smart Village Workshop" discussed different ways of increasing the availability of public services in small villages and towns through the use of information technology. More specifically, the workshop focused on eHealth, digital education, and the energy supply.
Workshop Presentations

Workshop 10: Communication

This workshop focused on strategies to improve communication within and between the different EU macro-regional strategies. Experts from various Alpine states and regions discussed pooling their communication resources to create synergetic effects and other ways of communicating more effectively.