The Routes4U E-learning course

9th May 2019

The Routes4U Project overall objective of fostering regional development through transnational cultural routes, heritage policies and practices is achieved by means of several different actions, including capacity building activities such as workshops and e-learning.
The Routes4U e-learning course address key issues for the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe and for the stakeholders from the EU macro-regions working in the cultural heritage and tourism fields. Different modules on the Cultural Routes, regional development, cultural cooperation and social cohesion will be developed. The course will be made available on the Council of Europe platform and will be promoted also by selected universities and on the websites of different stakeholders of Routes4U Project.

The first module, “The Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe: step-by-step guidance on the certification and the implementation”, provides relevant information on the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe programme, and answers questions such as:

  • What are the Cultural Route of the Council of Europe?
  • Which is the added value of being certified by the Council of Europe as Cultural Route?
  • What experiences do the Cultural Routes offer to tourists?
  • How can a project become a certified Cultural Route?

The module also presents best practices of certified Cultural Routes through the voices of their managers and presidents. A dedicated section further explains the link and importance of the Cultural Routes for the European Union Strategies for the Adriatic-Ionian (EUSAIR), Alpine (EUSALP), Baltic Sea (EUSBSR) and Danube (EUSDR) Region.

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