Trento Film Festival - EUSALP "What keeps me here!" Award

9th Mar 2023

The Eusalp Italian Presidency 2022 in coherence with values and objectives promoted by the Alpine Macroregion and in the framework of the 70. edition of the international film festival "Trento FILM FESTIVAL. Mountains and Cultures" has established the Eusalp Award "What keeps me here".
(EDITION 2022 :

Given the positive feedback, the EUSALP Award "What keeps me here" will be re-proposed in the 71st edition of the Trento Film Festival 2023. The 71st edition of the Trento FILM FESTIVAL will be held in Trento from 28 April to 7 May 2023. From 1952 to the present day, the history of the Trento Film Festival has been linked to the history of the mountain regions, making it a true international laboratory on the highlands cultures, always ready to explore changes in the way the mountains are lived and experienced.

"What keeps me here!"
A jury of experts will then award a prize to the documentary that best captures the spirit of the EU-Strategy for the Alpine Region, such as sustainability, inclusion, cooperation between territories, with particular reference to the factors and reasons that lead people to choose the Alps as a place to live and work, combating the depopulation of both human and economic resources.

EUSALP promotes policies aiming at keeping the Alpine regions attractive in economic, cultural and social terms. This challenge is also addressed by the concrete work of all the 9 EUSALP Action Groups, as it touches in a cross-cutting way the future environmental, economic and social sustainability of the Alpine areas. The issues touched are: energy transition, climate change adaptation and mitigation, demographic challenge, digitalisation for people and for economy, sustainable mobility, but also labour market and the new skills needed for the development of the traditional and new jobs in the Alps. Therefore the Eusalp Award "What keeps me here" reflects and relaunches the commitment of the 7 Countries and the 48 Regions of EUSALP for more inclusive and sustainable Alpine communities.

The appointment is in Trento from 28 April to 7 May 2023 to meet the winner of the EUSALP "What keeps me here!" Award.

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